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Septal myectomy/mitral valve


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  • Septal myectomy/mitral valve

    I've just returned to upstate New York from the Cleveland Clinic yesterday where I learned that I need to have surgery: Septal myectomy and mitral valve repair/replace. So many questions!! They asked who I wanted to do the surgery- I had heard of Lytle and gave his name but I'm open...they don't know exactly what they'll do but say they'll schedule it in the next couple of weeks. I feel as though I want to know more- especially about the recovery and whether there is anything I can do to prepare/help it go well. Any advice would be appreciated. By the way, this is the first time I've ever posted on a website!!!
    Diagnosed 8/2002, Myectomy (CCF) 3/2003, ICDs 2003,2006 (fired once appropriately), FT researcher, wife and mom of 2 boys (17 and 20).

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    Hi Pam,

    I had a myectomy and mitral valve repair at Cleveland Clinic July of 2001. Dr. Smedira was my surgeon and I am tremendously satisfied with the results. I was very thankful that he was able to repair the mitral valve and didn't have to replace it I don't know how to suggest you could prepare for this surgery-it's big stuff and everyone deals with stress differently. But, on the post-surgery side, I was out of the hospital and back home in 5 days and incredibly sore for weeks. Home recovery was a least 4 weeks of couch potato with minimal lifting and no driving. I was back to work part-time after 5 weeks and pretty much full time after 8 weeks. I started driving after 8 weeks. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to e-mail privately. Good Luck!

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      I had a myectomy at the Cleveland Clinic in November 2002 and Dr. Bruce Lytle was my surgeon. I believe he has been doing them longer than anyone else at CCF. I had a great surgery, and wonderful recovery (as they go of course ). I can provide you with more information about Dr. Lytle if you wish just e-mail me privatly.

      There is a lot of information in this sights archive section. Just search on the word myectomy. There is info on hotels, procedures, recovery, etc.

      Surgery occurs on the scheduled day. A group starts at 8 am and B group about noon. Post surgery, you spend a minimum of 24 hours in Cardiac ICU, then, if there is a bed available, you will be moved up to the 10th floor. This is a well equipped floor with very well trained Dr's and nurses. From here you move to a step down floor prior to discharge. You are monitored at all times. I was in the hospital for about 5.5 days. Hospital stays vary depending on how well you do. Recovery takes about 8 weeks post surgery. There is pain and discomfort at first but this will pass.

      Not much to do before hand. CCF has some guided imagery tapes which may help. I used them, but am not sure if they helped me or not.

      Let me know if I can be of additional help.

      Cleveland Myectomy Crew
      Member since November 2002

      \"Chance favors the prepared mind!\"


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        Hi Pam,

        I had septal myectomy at Mayo in October 2002. I did not need valve repair/replacement or ICD. I was in ICU approximately 24 hours, with a total hospital stay of five days. I flew home two days after discharge. As far as preparation goes, what worked for me was a positive attitude (and a weird sense of humor ) and my faith in God.

        Post-operatively, I was driving at four weeks and released to return to work at five weeks. I managed the initial pain with the pain meds and then switched to aleve at about two weeks post surgery. I don't really remember having a lot of pain, mostly shortness of breath, but they were weaning me off of my prior meds at the time. The only issue that I have now (which is not bad at all) is the persistant itching of my incision site. Oh, and sometimes it still hurts if I sneeze really hard.

        I'm not going to tell you it was a walk in the park, but well worth it!

        Hope this helps!

        Dolly W
        HOCM, Septal Myectomy 10/02 (Mayo Clinic), Medtronic ICD 10/07, TIA 10/07


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          this is helpful

          Thanks so much for the replies- they are helpful and reassuring. I feel like I need to be prepared and this is helping...
          Diagnosed 8/2002, Myectomy (CCF) 3/2003, ICDs 2003,2006 (fired once appropriately), FT researcher, wife and mom of 2 boys (17 and 20).


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            I had a myectomy and a modified maze procedure at the Cleveland Clinic by Dr. Smedira on November 14, 2002. All the doctors and nurses were wonderful and trained to assist in the first steps of recovery. I arrived in Cleveland on November 11 for pre-op which consisted of an echocardiagram, chest X-Ray, blood, ekg and a catherization) be prepared to wait I was scheduled for 2:30pm and was taken after 7pm). The day of surgery I was scheduled for the A group which starts at 7am and had to get to the hospital by 5:15am. My stay in the hospital was 6 days with little pain except for coughing, sneezing or laughing and a few short episodes of A-Fib. When I got home I was wiped out but after a day I was taking walks outside. Each day I felt better than the last with minimal pain/discomfort and was driving after 5 weeks. My recovery is continually going well and I recently started cardio rehab. It feels great to workout out again. I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy over 16 years ago and thought nobody would ever understand my condition along with the side effects. Upon discovering this great group I was able to share my feelings with people who truly understand. Upon making your decision there is a fantastic web-site called "Thestatus.com" where you and your family can keep family and friends updated on your daily progress. If you need more information send me an e-mail or private message. Good luck your in good hans in Cleveland. Sorry for the long message.


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              Pam - I'm also a Cleveland Clinic alumni. My surgery was mid December last year. and I was in the hospital under Drs. Lever and Lytle. Had surgery Wed. morn. in ICU one day,sent to post op room Thurs., Walking around Fri. and went home Monday. Back to work after four weeks of taking it easy and feeling bored and am now seven weeks post op and feel very well. The CCF Heart center is very well organized and the program for family members of surgery patients is terrific from what my family told me (I was busy having my myectomy). I'm very pleased with the overall treatment at the CCF and my outcome has been better than I anticipated. I'm scheduled to return next week for my 8 week follow up. I'm glad I had the procedure done at the CCF. There is something comforting about going to a high volume center with highly experienced professional staff.