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I have had the following procedure...


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    Re: I have had the following procedure...

    Septal Myectomy @CCF 12-12-05. I am doing very well!!
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      Re: I have had the following procedure...

      I had the septal myectomy at the Cleveland Clinic.
      septal myectomy on Jan. 27, 2005


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        Re: I have had the following procedure...

        I had a Myectomy when I was 10, four years ago.
        Diagnosed - April 1992 (age: 2 months old)
        Myectomy - June 2002 (age: 10)
        Propanolol: 120mg (morning & afternoon), 90mg (evening)
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          Re: I have had the following procedure...

          I see your from Maryland. My sister spoke with Dr. Lever and has a 3 day testing dates,Oct 11,12, and 13 and surgery date, Oct 24, after sending her local(Scranton,Pa) test results CD-ROM. But her insurance company has denied coverage for Cleveland. They are offering a place in Maryland or Thomas Jefferson in Phili. After the research we did, Cleveland is where she NEEDS to go. Any suggestions with help on the insurance front?


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            Re: I have had the following procedure...

            Others will pipe up here, BUT fight them on every level available and do not take NO for an answer. Threaten to call your representative or any other method that works. When I had standard / non medicare insurance and myself or one of my children were denied something , I hounded them and told them NO was not in my vocabulary and THEY would have to make it work and approved because anything less was unacceptable . I must be scarey because the doors always opened when I was firm and persisted.
            Dx @ 47 with HOCM & HF:11/00
            Guidant ICD:Mar.01, Recalled/replaced:6/05 w/ Medtronic device
            Lead failure,replaced 12/06.
            SF lead recall:07,extracted leads and new device 2012
            [email protected] Tufts, Boston:10/5/03; age 50. ( [email protected] 240 mmHg ++)
            Paroxysmal A-Fib: 06-07,2010 controlled w/sotalol dosing
            Genetic mutation 4/09, mother(d), brother, son, gene+
            Mother of 3, grandma of 3:Tim,27,Sarah,33w/6 y/o old Sophia, 5 y/o Jack, Laura 34, w/ 5 y/o old Benjamin


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              Re: I have had the following procedure...

              i had a myectomy june 30th at the mayo. at first everything was fine and i thought i was "cured", but lately i have been loosing the feeling in both of my hands and it feels like i'm getting what would best be describes as a "cramp" coming from the left side of my chest, i have an appt with the doc tomorrow. has anyone ever had those post myectomy pains too?


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                Re: I have had the following procedure...

                Troy had a myectomy and a modified MAZE procedure at Mayo.


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                  Re: I have had the following procedure...

                  Originally posted by Lisa Salberg View Post
                  Lets see who is here...poll time!
                  Choose one please.
                  I have had a myectomy an mitral valve replacement. I also have a pacemaker. Rilda Moore


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                    Re: I have had the following procedure...

                    I have had a mitral valve repair, 2 alcohol septal ablations, and an ICD implanted.


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                      Re: I have had the following procedure...

                      I have had:
                      1) septal myectomy
                      2) mitral valve repair
                      Both on 4-24-2007

                      Rich G
                      Myectomy and mitral valve repair, April 2007, St. Luke's Hospital (NYC)


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                        Re: I have had the following procedure...

                        I had a Myectomy in January at the VA Hospital in Minneapolis. I was recently informed my Primary AND Cardiac Doctors did not believe I had a problem. Heart problems are not service connected so I had nothing to gain be "faking" it, I'm glad a 3rd doctor decided to help me. A Specialist from the University of Minnesota did the surgery.

                        I now have a pacemaker because my heart kept slowing to 20 beats a minute. My wife thinks I can go back to work (at least part time) and I should try out for the Ironman triathelon. I'm 62 years old and on SSDI.
                        Diagnosed with 'murmur' 1991; confirmed HCM, 1998; Myectomy, Jan. 2007; Pacemaker, Feb. 2007; no previous symptoms before 1991. Vietnam (15 months), 1967-68; Military Training Instructor, 1969; played most sports and had no health issues.


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                          Re: I have had the following procedure...

                          Hi Lisa:

                          I had my myectomy on May 16 this year at Toronto General Hospital. So far so good. Still having some lung issues but the breathing device is working well and my wife makes sure that I continue to use it. Currently, they have me on two BB Metoprolol (half tablet twice daily) and Amiodarone (one tablet twice daily for two weeks then one tablet daily for two weeks) after this I'm to be evaluated. I had my echo before I left TGH and my gradient was 10 at rest before the surgery it was 60. Just thought I should share this with you and thank you for your support.



                          I just wished I lived on flat ground ........


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                            Re: I have had the following procedure...

                            Septal Ablation Feb. 2006. Some relief over next 6 months, but gradient returned by Feb. 2007. Had myectomy at Cleveland Clinic 4/12/2007. Doing great 8 weeks later.
                            Diagnosed (w/obstruction) 2003 at 39
                            Alcohol Septal Ablation Feb. 2006
                            Myectomy April 2007 Cleveland
                            Pacemaker dependent (no ICD)
                            Thankful and doing fine


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                              Re: I have had the following procedure...

                              I had my myectomy & mitral valve repair on Feb. 20, 2007 and three days later a dual pacemaker/ICD unit was implanted.

                              My doctor told me ( after I asked ) that the thickness would not grow back. Why are some being told it 'might'......and others that it 'wont'.
                              Diagnosed in 2000 at age 47 with IHSS/HOCM. Father died at age 42 in 1975, official diagnosis cardial infarction
                              Feb. 20, 2007 - Septal Myectomy & Mitral Valve repair Feb. 24th 2007- dual pacemaker/ICD implant.
                              Jan. 21, 2009 - surgery to replace fractured lead ( Guidant)
                              Jan. 27, 2009 - inappropriate shock from defib. back into hosp. for another lead replacement ( St. Jude).


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                                Re: I have had the following procedure...

                                Hey Everyone;

                                I am a new member and I just found out about a week ago that I need to have surgery. I am just wondering what is the best option in peoples thoughts. I am a little worried about the septal ablation heard too many horrible stories on that one. I am just a little scared as to what to do. My cadrio Dr. has not told me much (ok nothing at all).

                                I just wanted to hear from people that have gone through it or are about to and what made them go with the surgery they did. Any options would help to relax me.

                                Smile and Enjoy Life no matter what!!!



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