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drinking coca-Cola and cafe


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  • drinking coca-Cola and cafe


    Our cardiologist said a big NO to Coca-Cola and coffe for my husband and son who take betta-blockers. (my son takes Concor).
    He explained to us that the caffeine contradicts the effect of the meds.
    So... my son drinks now Sprite in a party or when going out and in the mornings my husband is still but get used to herbal tea and the decaffeinated.
    Wishes for healh, peace and love!

    Daniela E-H, Mother to Matan-Ben (13 years old) who had his AICD implantation (29/03/04) and Myectomy (14/12/08) and Noga (4 years old) not affected
    Haifa - Israel.

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    yeah the docs told me no caffeine as well. Being a college student it took away one of my food groups! But, now if I drink a Mt. Dew I pay severely for it because my HR will syrocket.

    So, I'd say stay away from it if you can. They also make caffeine free coke and pepsi here in the states. It tastes exactly like the regular stuff.

    mary S.


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      The Docs @ Mayo told me definitely NO Caffeine. It took some adjusting.
      So Tell me, is it beautiful in Haifa, now? My Husband & I visited Israel 5 years ago & I'm very anxious to return. We did not visit Haifa, but did tour a good deal of the Country, we based in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem.


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        hi everyone.I also drank tons of coffee before dx,now I drink decaf once in a while.I feel that the decaf is just as good,but if you buy it at 7-11 or deli etc it probably has been sitting half a day.you are better off brewing it at home.have a great day carpe biem
        One day at a time.


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          Hi everyone,

          I used to drink lots of coffee before i was DX'ed and for a while after. I stopped drinking it about 7 years ago and since then have had about one cup. That one cup had a bad effect on me so i have not tried it since. I can drink Strong black Tea all day long with no effect. Coke or the likes also does not affect me either



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            I cut out Coffee, Cola, Junk Food and Deep Fried Food when I found out that I had HCM. I started drinking over 8 glasses of water per day and I lost 20 lbs is 4 weeks. All caffeine is definitely a stimulant and does raise your heart rate which works against beta blockers so I figure all caffeine should be avoided? I find that Decaf from Tim Hortons or Starbucks tastes just as good.

            26 years old, diagnosed April 2005. ICD July 2005.


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              I wish I could lose some weight...

              Great for you!!!!
              Drinking water is very important.!!!
              Keep doing it!!!
              Wishes for healh, peace and love!

              Daniela E-H, Mother to Matan-Ben (13 years old) who had his AICD implantation (29/03/04) and Myectomy (14/12/08) and Noga (4 years old) not affected
              Haifa - Israel.


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                Re: drinking coca-Cola and cafe

                Yes, caffeine was also prohibited in my case. But surprisingly enough, if I drink a regular coke during the afternoon it has no effect on me. I think it has also to do with your severity. I can also drink coffee if its a weak brew, nothing strong. And for Mary, colleges now offer so many alternatives to soda, there really is no real barrier.


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                  Re: drinking coca-Cola and cafe

                  Yes coffee is not very good for health in all the cases. You should follow doctors suggestion and try to keep husband and son healthy.
                  Good luck


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                    Re: drinking coca-Cola and cafe

                    Daniela, how good to hear from you again. It has been many years since I last talked to you. How is Matan doing these days?

                    My son (14 years old) has recently started drinking a lot of caffiene. You know you can't tell the kids anything. I've warned him numerous times he should not drink so much caffiene. I do not buy any soda for our home, but when he is out and about with his friends, well I'm not there to stop him. My daughter, on the other hand, never drinks any caffiene (doesn't like soda or coffee). The only time she gets caffiene is with our most favorite food group, chocolate!
                    Michelle - mom to Krista and Tyler both HCM
                    Krista surgeries: 3/97 myectomy, 2/99 mitral valve replacement
                    Tyler surgery: 1/98 myectomy


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                      Re: drinking coca-Cola and cafe

                      this is so interesting as my daughter who was just recently diagnosed (Kaye) was also told no caffiene and 35 yrs ago when I was Dx'd, I was told anything in moderation including smoking. Haven't times changed. For the better I might add. I am so happy that all of you are on the leading edge of medicine for HCM.

                      Diagnosed in 1977, Myectomy in 1981 @ Mayo Rochester
                      ICD&Pacemaker 1996
                      Heart transplant March 19, 2004 @ Mayo Rochester
                      Mom of Kaye.


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                        Re: drinking coca-Cola and cafe

                        Hmm. I'm a lifelong coffee addict and have never been told to quit.

                        When I was hospitalized in Argentina a couple of yrs ago they wouldn't let me have any coffee, and I whined quite a bit. After my myectomy in Cleveland a month later, I assumed I wasn't allowed real coffee, and had headaches while there. A day or two before I was released, one of the doctors expressed surprise, said that if I'd asked for it they'd have given me coffee, and told me there was no reason I couldn't have some coffee.

                        So we vary. I wonder if caffeine bans have something to do with the extent to which one's heart is arrhythmia-prone.

                        Myectomy on Feb. 5, 2007.


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                          Re: drinking coca-Cola and cafe

                          My docs never told me not to drink caffeine, I just gave it up 20 years ago due to other meds I am on for my myasthenia gravis. I find a good swiss processed, fair trade, shade grown decaf coffee once in a while works just fine along with my water consumption. I guess it just depends on your doc and your system.

                          Be well to all, Janet
                          Believe in the goodness of mankind.