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flax seed oil


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  • flax seed oil

    Is there anyone who has found a problem with HCM and meds other than blood thinners, which are not to be taken, when using flax seed oil? I have to take this in pill form for ocular rosacea, and am hoping that it isn't contraindicated. (I take atenolol and norpace and have an ICD.) Thanks all, as always.

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    Re: flax seed oil

    I take Flax seed oil along with Fish oil and take them right along with my meds which are Verapamil and ACE inhibitors (losinopril I think it is). I told my docs and so far no one said there were contraindications. I would like to know if anyone knows of any as well.

    NEMC's (Boston) First Myectomy 7-22-2003


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      Re: flax seed oil

      I take 360mg of Verapamil and 50mg of Atenolol per day, along with Grapenol - which contains OPC's (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) derived exclusively from grape seeds – which I use for its’ super antioxidant qualities. I also take three lipid control medications, 250 units of insulin plus 20mg of Glynase, a full aspirin, and on occasion - Lortab for my degenerative arthritis, and last but not least - Vitamins.

      I also used to take the diuretics – Lasix, Aldactone and Metolazone. The first time I added Metolazone, after one week I was thrown in the hospital. The second time I only took one pill and was thrown in the hospital where my kidneys promptly shut down. Luckily they got them restarted, but only to an 18 to 20% functionality. Diuretics of any kind are now banned, along with the Potassium pills. My legs, ankles and feet are again flooded, and I’m afraid I’m once again teetering on the brink of CHF.

      Funny thing, when they got my kidneys restarted it seems that they also invigorated my pancreas, as on occasion – usually first thing in the morning – my blood sugar falls almost into the normal range – but it still can climb into the 300’s during the day. Another good thing, when I had water in my lungs my cardiologist ran an EKG to determine if it was HCM or another clogged coronary artery, and it turned out that my arteries are still wide open. (I had my fourth heart cath and stenting back in 2003.)

      By the way, the minute I was diagnosed with HOCM I was taken off an ACE inhibitor. (That was New Year’s Day, 2003.) Anybody who wishes to discuss any of this further, or who shares any of these maladies - please let me know.
      Thanks, Burt


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        Re: flax seed oil

        When I read your Posts, it's as if I'm reading a Medical Dictionary!
        I was unaware an EKG could diagnos a Blocked Artery.. "splain this to me, Lucy.


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          Re: flax seed oil

          Hi Ronnie,
          To tell you the truth I don’t know how he does it. I expect blocked coronary arteries will produce a different tracing then a flare-up of HCM. Anyway he didn’t beat around the bush, he knew right off.

          By the way, this is the cardio I told you about when you were in town – who incidentally gives me a very reduced rate for office visits – and he threw in the EKG as a free-be. You can’t ask for more then that.

          I have also gained even more respect for his abilities, as when I was seeing the specialist in L.A. he only repeated the tests and drug adjustments that this doc had done last March.

          Good luck with your upcoming procedure.