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Concor for children?


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  • Concor for children?


    My son weight is 20 KG.
    After he had his AICD , his cardiologist decided to change from Deralin to Concor.
    Does anyone has any experience with it?
    He is now taking 5% mg. Concor p/ day.
    His doctor also decided he will not need the Amiodarone (Anti-arrythmic) anymore
    Thanks for any info.

    Wishes for healh, peace and love!

    Daniela E-H, Mother to Matan-Ben (13 years old) who had his AICD implantation (29/03/04) and Myectomy (14/12/08) and Noga (4 years old) not affected
    Haifa - Israel.

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    Re: Concor for children?


    Concor is bisoprolol. Not commonly used with HCM. The US brand name is Zebeta.

    I don't think many people here are on it.

    Deralin is propanolol or Inderal. This is sort of like jumping from a Model T Ford to a late model Mustang. Both are beta-blockers.

    You can find drug databases at http://www.mayoclinic.com and http://www.intellihealth.com.

    take care,



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      Re: Concor for children?

      I haven't posted yet, I'm fairly new and have been spending time reading a lot of the posts and threads. There is so much information out there its amazing. I could spend weeks reading!
      I am on Zebeta and have been for a few years. My doctor seems to like it for me better than the other beta blockers and I too have noticed from the board that not many people seem to be on it. I hope to spend more time reading the postings to see what meds others are on. I used to also be on calcium channel blockers, but now its just zebeta and digitek.


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        Re: Concor for children?

        Hi Dana,
        Welcome to the boards. I think you’ll find us a very supportive group. I Hope you’ve read through the information at the beginning of the site – lots of very good background information. You say you’re reading through all the postings – also a great source of information. You can also do searches by using that feature at the top of the page.

        Then of course you can also post your questions and/or concerns and get answers from people who have been there. Then of course there’s Lisa, our founder, who can give you expert advice, guidance, help you find the right specialist, and even run interference for you on most of the problems you may encounter.

        There is no place, anywhere near this place, that works anywhere like this place - - - so, this must be the place – and you are welcome here.


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          Re: Concor for children?

          Daniela, I am also on Zebeta, although in Canada they call it Monocor, I guess it has many names depending what country your in.
          I was switched to it from Atenolol last year because Atenolol slowed my heart down too much, was under 50 most of the time.
          Zebeta only made a marginal difference in my heart rate, other than that I haven't noticed any difference from Atenolol in how it works, both do the job for me.
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