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need to switch meds


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  • need to switch meds

    Hi, I feel I need to switch meds, though my Dr and card. are hesitant...why I don't know. The reason being that I need something that will bring my heartrate down more yet NOT lower my blood pressure. My Atenelol was recently dropped from 75mg to 50mg because of my BP, yet I don't feel near as good as I did with it at the higher dose. What is out there that I can take ONLY for heartrate control? Any recommendations I can bring to my Dr?

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    Re: need to switch meds


    If only every drug worked the same on every body... it would be so easy. But they don't, and it's very frustrating i know. I'm going through the same thing right now believe me. A lot of us are. For some people, higher doses of beta blocker seem to do the trick... for others, it's a calcium channel blocker... and for many, it's a combination of both. It's all a trade-off. What side-effects (i.e low blood pressure) are you willing to live with vs. controlling your symptoms? I know it's a crappy proposition either way, but that's just HCM.

    My real concern, is that your cardiologist isn't willing to experiment with your meds. That's a normal process of treating HCM. You need a doctor who is willing to work with you until you find the right combination.

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      Re: need to switch meds

      I too have problems with my blood pressure. I couldn't even tolerate 25mg of atenelol. Yet, on verapamil I've been up to 360mg without any problems. Except for the high heart rate episodes which I intend on discussing with my cardiologist on Monday. As Dr. Maron said it may just be a symptom I have to deal with. I also take an ACE inhibitor in coordination with my verapamil. I've also started a supplement of L-Arginine for help with my chest pain. It works like nitro without the bp lowering effects.

      Oh, yeah before we get into the contraindications with HCM and ACE-vasodialators. I am quite different than the average HCMer. As Dr. M Maron told me there is only one other person that he treats like me. So my post regarding meds might be totally off.

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        Re: need to switch meds

        digitalis (digioxin, lanoxin) may do the trick for you but you need to make sure it doesn't make your heart beat too hard.