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  • Stress

    I used to take valium for stress a couple of years ago. I recently asked my cardiologist if that was a good idea and she said no so I didn't bother to find out if there was something else. Any recommendation! I seriously stressed....Thanks

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    Re: Stress

    Tammy i take Lexapro and my cardio dr said it wouldn't me but i don't know what you take, i take calcium channel blockers, but i was on this before i was diagnosed with HCM it's only 10 mg it doesn't make me sleepy and it takes the edge off things, hope this helps
    Take Care
    Diagnosed 2003
    Myectomy 2-23-2004
    Husband: Ken
    Son: John diagnosed 2004
    Daughter: Janet (free of HCM)

    Grandchildren: Drew 15,Aaron 13,Karen 9,Connor 9


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      Re: Stress

      well, my feeling is that you should try and have less stress, if at all possible. unless you have an anxiety disorder, in which case the medication is not the same. valium is very addicting, as are most "relaxers" like xanax.

      you mentioned in another post that you can't meditate. have you tried a guided meditation? the Loving Kindness Meditation on this site (http://www.msi-healing.com) is great for beginners b/c you are always "doing" something but it relaxes you a lot. You aren't trying to empty your mind; you are actively "cleansing" --very different but very good. when i can't fall asleep, i will sometimes just play it by my bed and not even follow along, just let the soothing voice make me sleepy. works great.

      exercise reduces stress, even if it is just a walk around the block or in a museum.

      take care,


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        Re: Stress

        Hi Sarah
        I just read your post. OOPS, a little late. Did you order the cassettes? How did it work? Are there any books you can recommend?


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          Re: Stress

          Hi Tammy,
          I would like to add a couple of comments for whatever it’s worth.

          I have had very stressful jobs for many years, and also stressful situations away from the job, - sometimes concurrently. There are times when you can even get frustrated about your frustrations, if that makes any sense. As a consequence I have developed a method of survival that has stood me in good stead over the years.

          Simply put, the way to handle stressful things is not to let them gang up on you. It’s generally much easier to handle one item of stress rather than a bunch. Divide and conquer. Compartmentalize all the stressful things in your life, and deal with them one at a time. When you go to work, leave your home worries in a box until you’re free to deal with them. When you leave your job at the end of the day – leave your job at the end of the day.

          Once you have the major problems compartmentalized, start breaking them down into individual situations. Dealing with an idiot boss is not the same thing as completing a project on time, which is not the same thing as dealing with the friction of a co-worker, etc, etc. – All of which has nothing to do with the problems you’re dealing with at home, with the in-laws, with friends, or neighbors, or the lawn, the car, or the plumbing, or redecorating, - ad infinitum.

          Believe me, I know from what I speak. I have dealt with a stressful job, with idiot superiors, and tight deadlines, while the staff was being cut - and not knowing who was next – while my wife’s career was destroyed by the onset of epilepsy causing her to contemplate suicide, while having to move across country with no job waiting for me at the other end, and the kids being very upset at having to leave all their friends behind, and selling the house while my wife could not deal with people coming in to see it, and we both have multiple medical problems to deal with, - just to name a few things.

          Oh yeah, here’s a nice one. I had just put a new engine in the Buick, and it hadn’t reached the first oil change yet. I was due to get my first angioplasty on Thursday – the procedure was still relatively new. My wife was coming to pick me up from work on Monday when she passed out behind the wheel. Her blood pressure was more then double normal. The car accidentally hit four other cars, at which point the engine jumped its mounts causing the transmission to shift into reverse. She then hit three more cars going backwards, finally slamming into a telephone pole and coming to rest. Six people were taken to the emergency room, but thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. My wife had some facial cuts which healed well, the car was totaled, and the insurance company sent us a refund on the balance of the premium when they cancelled our coverage.

          As is normally the case, things ultimately got straightened out, and we all moved on. Life is like that. If you are handed limes – ask for tequila and salt.


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            Re: Stress

            You know one of the things I have learned with all that has been going on with me is putting priorities in place. I am a very Type "A" personality. Everything has to be done and done right. One thing this disease has taught me that life can be put on hold rather easily.

            One of the rules I've come to live by is what is the absolutly the worst that could happen. Sounds negative at first but it really puts things into perspective. Like right now for example. I just spent most of the entire month of July in the hospital without any sort of income or anything really to fall back on. Now my car payment is a month late, my storage shed is two months late, my insurance is coming up, I have Dr. bills to pay, and a script for 6 pills thats over fifty dollars.

            The worst thing that could happen with my car is that it is repossed but with less than a year to go. I don't think they will do it over one month. The storage shed well worse thing they could do was lock up the stuff until I paid it back. Insurance well if I have an accident it's my hind end and there is always public transportation. The pills well if the UTI gets worse and goes to my kidneys well I'm back in the hospital that's a priority to stay out of.

            Now these problems don't seem quite so large because only one of them is going to kill me!

            So I took each one of these smaller problems one at a time. I called the car company asked for a deferment. Sent them the paperwork and paid the fees. 75 beats over 200. On the storage shed I talked to the manager explained my plight I told her I could pay her 50 dollars. She asked me if I could afford it we settled on 30 and when ever I could get a little I'd send it in. My car insurance I'm still not sure about but I'm calling soon. As far as the script goes I'm going to ask my doc tomorrow if there is something else she can prescribe or if she has samples. If not I'll bite the bullet because it is my most important problem these other things well will just have to wait.

            It's gotten me along this far. I hope all of my blabbing helps!

            Mary S.


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              Re: Stress

              I have owned the Loving Kindness meditation for a long time and it always helps me a lot.

              I recommended a cd because you are listening to someone guide you through the meditation and you think and/or chant along with her the whole time. No chance of wandering off.

              If you have never meditated, this is the best way to start. However, this bookhttp://yogakriya.org/book2.htm The Beginner's Guide to Meditation is wonderful and is also available on tape.

              I also swear by http://flylady.net even though I work full time, the routines and philosophy here are awesome and really helping me.

              Note to Mary --please check the Flylady site out.

              I've also realized that I'm stuck in my job for now and I can either get mad at every stupid thing or just let it roll off my back. Stupid things happen every 30 minutes or less, so I'm going with the latter so I don't start eating the desks in anger.

              take care,



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                Re: Stress

                Hi Tammy, nice hearing from you, I hope other than your stress your feeling well.
                I have done meditation for many years and it really is a great coping tool.
                The tape or CD is a good tool because it is hard to do it yourself sometimes, particularly when just starting, you tend to drift into random thoughts.
                There are usually lots of night classes avialable at high schools or rec centres.
                I attended one when I first started out and it was very helpful for a person just starting.
                There are many books also, but the CD is better because someone is actually talking and guiding you.
                Anyway, good luck and stay well.
                Every great thing that has ever happened since the beginning of time has started as a single thought in someones mind.
                So if you are capable of thought then you are capable of great things
                Good luck and stay well.


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