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Toprol and chest pain


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  • Toprol and chest pain

    I have been on toprol for about 6 weeks now and have started having tightness in chest and chest pain. Well the pain is not limited to chest - i get it on my neck, shoulder, arms. Its like stinging pain - comes and goes. But the tightness in the chest is constant for the last 3-4 days. It occurs even without exersion while sitting on a computer desk most of the day. Have spoken to my specialist over the phone and he feels that its probably a HOCM symptom.

    I feel that its a side effect from toprol. I have never had any chest pain before and since I have had undiagnosed HOCM for years it unlikely that its just the symptom showing up now. I completed level 4 on Bruce stress test comfortably without any chest pain about a month back. Could be that Toprol makes the symptom worse but why then would the specialist recommend increasing the dosage from 50 mg to alleviate the pain? Could be anxiety of course but I feel the tightness and pain even when I am feeling good. Any thoughts? Anybody else got pain 4-6 weeks after taking Toprol?


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    Re: Toprol and chest pain

    Actually, not just Toprol, any beta blocker that has caused chest pain?


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      Re: Toprol and chest pain

      Originally posted by nirvana
      I feel that its a side effect from toprol. I have never had any chest pain before and since I have had undiagnosed HOCM for years it unlikely that its just the symptom showing up now.
      Good for you. And you're probably right about the chest pain, because only you know how you felt before treatment. Once I started into the wonderful world of beta-blocker experimentation, it actually became difficult after a few months to figure out which symptoms were being caused by the meds, and which ones were from the HCM.

      I had such a tough time with side effects from Toprol, I was ecstatic when I finally got to switch to atenolol. I felt like a new man. But to be honest, I can't really tell you whether I actually feel better now than I did before I was ever even treated for HCM, or whether I simply feel better by comparison to Toprol. Or maybe I had a lot more symptoms prior to my diagnosis than I remember, because I shrugged them off at the time.

      If I had to do over again... I would keep a LOG to keep it all straight in my head. Chances are, you'll try a few beta blockers before you settle on the one that's right for you, and it's important to keep track of how it is making you feel, even if it's just a dosage increase on the same med.

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        Re: Toprol and chest pain

        Jim, I had kept a detailed log for the first 4 weeks but since it seemed the same everyday I skipped it for the last couple of weeks. My wife has been asking me to get back to it for a week now. I was updating it when I saw your post. When I look back (and its only been 6 weeks) there is so much stuff that I have written down that I don't remember at all - it does help a lot to write things down.


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          Re: Toprol and chest pain

          you can visit www.intellihealth.com or www.toprol.com to read the prescribing info which includes all the known side effects. what you describe isn't exactly in there, which is probably why your doctor is not agreeing with you. but 1 in 100 have chest pain and 1 in 100 have labored breathing. other kinds of pain aren't listed.

          keeping a log is very important. also be sure you aren't taking any supplements or vitamins or anything else you may be having a reaction too. it could also be a new thing.

          personally, i didn't like toprol either. my mom hates it too. i like nadolol much better.

          take care,



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            Re: Toprol and chest pain

            I have not heard of many issues like this. While each of us is different and the meds may not be well suited to YOUR body, it may not have this effect on others.
            Talk to your doctor, see about a change to a different BB.

            Be well,
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