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HCM and Depression/Anxiety


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  • HCM and Depression/Anxiety

    I have been diagnosed with major depression a few years after my septal myectomy and pacemaker surgeries. The onset of the depression and anxiety was followed by my doctor prescribing several medications for the symptoms, such as: Celexa, Remeron, and Klonopin. One of which is used to treat insomnia that is caused by PTSD. I know it may seem strange confessing all these things, but I'm not really afraid of what some may say about me, just curious to see if anyone else has or is going through the same things as I am.
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    Re: HCM and Depression/Anxiety


    I find nothing strange admitting that you have a medical condition and are getting treatment for it. The "strangeness" would be hiding it and just letting it fester. Hope you are feeling better but remember there are always people here willing to be a sounding board so rant and rave all you want.


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      Re: HCM and Depression/Anxiety

      Having depression after 1) diagnosis 2) open heart surgery 3) additional hardware installed, is a fairly normal occurrence. I gather that everyone here has had some bouts of it. How we deal with it, or the extent of it, is entirely personal. Just like HCM, its different for everyone. I found it helpful talking about it, that really helped. Much later, I finally addressed the ADHD issues I was having and went on meds that dealt with both issues - a life changer for me.
      Not sure if you are wondering if others are in a similar boat, or are questioning medications. But know your not alone and I'm sure others have too! Hoping that your depression is short term!
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      AICD - Valentines Day '08, Spark Plug replaced 11/14
      After much research, I had a Myectomy @ Mayo for my 50th Birthday '08
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        Re: HCM and Depression/Anxiety

        One of the first comments my pastor made to me when he heard I was having open heart surgery is that I needed to anticipate depression afterward. He also told me he would be there for me. Apparently counsellors are trained to anticipate this, so we should too. Having dealt with some bouts of depression over the last couple of years, I've learned that realising it is upon you is half the battle, because then you can address it.

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          Re: HCM and Depression/Anxiety

          Everyone's experience with depression in themselves and their families is sooo different, but if sharing experiences can bring depression out of the dark and into the light to be honored and understood then I hope even more HCMers continue to share their experiences on this post.
          I am an extremely positive individual....I have felt shock and sadness in my life but have never experienced severe depression, though it runs in my family.
          Several years ago when I was started on Beta Blockers, I became depressed, I cried everyday and could barely get myself to work each morning....I was so fortunate that coming off the Beta Blockers removed that veil.
          This year, after my second myectomy, I was having trouble just getting out of bed and doing anything besides sitting on the couch....I just blamed it on the surgery. But I discovered something strange. On the nights I took a pain med .... Specifically Tramadol, before I went to bed, I woke up with more energy and a very positive...outlook on the day ahead.....On the mornings when I had not taken the pain med before bed, My affect was flat, I had little desire to get out of bed.
          I talked to my pharmacist and found out that.Tramadol has a mild anti-depressant effect. So, I was probably depressed without even knowing it......or at least not admitting it!
          I debated whether to see someone for anti-depressant medication ( stopped the tramadol a long time ago) However, the feelings seem to be lifting on their own....So I will reevaluate in in a few weeks and see where I am.
          Thank You for sharing and No you are not strange.....consider yourself empowered, because you are not afraid to talk about this.
          After years of symptoms:
          Officially Diagnosed HOCM 2006
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          Extended Myectomy 7/23/14
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            Re: HCM and Depression/Anxiety

            I recently had an my atenolo increased, with the change I started getting depressed. After reading some articles I saw that there were some correlations with low blood pressure and depression. I didn't tolerate the dose well and ended up in the hospital because my blood pressure was getting so low. Has anyone experienced anything on the beta blockers?


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              Re: HCM and Depression/Anxiety

              I believe in admitting to yourself when you have a medical issue and talk about it. Because of HCM, my afib has gotten worse the last few months and when I go into afib my ICD shocks me. Getting shocked is what makes me have some nasty anxiety. So I take a 1/2 of a .25mg of xanax at bedtime and another 1/2 if I wake during the night. During the day is pretty good, but for example had to see EP yesterday for following up of PVI and got anxious going to his office so I took another 1/2 of pill. This is what gets me through the day and you too should do what gets you through the day and never be embarrassed. Be well, Janet
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                Re: HCM and Depression/Anxiety

                @phenix_90 - you are not alone. I to have PTSD anxiety in association with agoraphobia and depresion.
                If I can I would stai 24 x 7 in house. I'm afraid to go outside because of mai fear and anxiety regarding my ICD. I'ce been shoched 9 times untill now and ..... none of the doctors where I live does not know about my ICD. I went to the ER in a day while I've took'ed 6 shock's a day and told theam I've been defibrilated and they looking at me very strange .
                Something Like - "What in the **** are you talkinh about ?" who defibrilated you.
                The doctor from ER told me that I have Pacemaker and I've entered in contradiction with her. She said that it is Pacemaker I told her " No , is an Internal CardioDefibrilator.
                Also , One year ago I've had an kidney surgeri. Some cancerous tumor in right kidney.
                At the Intensive Care I've been decompensated of betablokers and my heart rate gone to 200bpm in a few minutes. I have done some panic attack and with surgery , with ol that tubes that are coming out of me I've managed to get up and take to nurses of their hand .
                They thought that I have nightmares , anesthesic drugs side effects , delirium and stuff like that . But when I've been shocked , they jumped so hard and the second day one of them told me that when she was on the way of home , anything that she touched was electrocuted her.
                Also , an doctor from Intensive care he told to my wife that He Thinks that I have nightmare. Who cand defibrilate me .
                My wife told him that In Fact I have aan ICD in my chest.
                I told them to insert some betablockers intravenously in perfusions . The doctor said - No! If we will put some betablockers in perfusions your heart beat will decrease suddenly but I told them that this is not in issues because in case of bradicardia the ICD can make paceing and wil not be any problem.
                They dont belive me.

                This is my story .
                So you are not alone.


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                  Re: HCM and Depression/Anxiety

                  Aygun, what a horrible situation for you. I am so sorry you are having these issues.
                  Just getting shocked frequently is a huge source of anxiety, let alone having doctors not understand what is going on.
                  I see you are from Romania.... Where did you get your ICD put in? And how do you get your routine ICD check ups?
                  If you are getting shocked frequently, there may be a problem with the device or it's settings. Or if you are having that frequent ventricular arrhythmias you may need medication adjustment to decrease the arrhythmias.
                  I don't know anything about health care in Romania...Even in USA there are many Physicians that don't understand HCM.
                  Possibly you could return to the facility that placed your ICD for some help.
                  Also there should be a card you can carry that explains your ICD that you could show to others.
                  I hope you can find some relief and some good medical care.
                  We will keep you in our hearts.
                  After years of symptoms:
                  Officially Diagnosed HOCM 2006
                  Myectomy 3/11/13 at non-COE
                  Extended Myectomy 7/23/14
                  At Mayo with Dr. Joseph Dearani


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                    Re: HCM and Depression/Anxiety

                    Reading these posts made me feel a whole lot better; Doctors really don't have a grip on HCM. aygun, what a story.
                    HOCM diagnosed Mayo Clinic Aug. 2010

                    25 mg of atenolol.