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Atenolol and itching?


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  • Glen Beamish
    Brett, I take Atenolol and do not suffer from itchiness unless its cold and dry like in the winter and my skin gets very dry.
    That has nothing to do with the meds.
    I don't know your location, but maybe it's just the dry winter air?

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  • mtlieb
    hi Brett,

    I would certainly ask your doctor. In my experience allergic reactions usually do occur a little faster than you described. I've recently become allergic to several antibiotics i've taken my entire life, and all three times the reaction hit within twenty minutes of taking the pill. The itching and hives started in my arms and legs and spread out from there pretty quickly. I remember feeling like my skin was crawling. The dizziness and vomiting followed closely behind. Everyone's different though, so i would at least make a mental note to ask your doctor the next time you see him, or if it seems to get worse.


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  • Lisa Salberg
    Call your doctor! Never can tell with that..be careful!!!!!!!!!!

    Mama bear

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  • Sarah

    Well, since there is such a big time difference, I would look to other causes first. Soap, lotion, shampoo, sheets, detergent, etc.

    Allergies can develop to things that never bothered you before, so you may want to hit the laundry aisle and only buy stuff that is fragrance/irritant free. 100% cotton sheets are safer, too, and be sure to wash them first. Don't forget about the fabric softener, too --the less perfume the better.

    As an aside --I'm allergic to acrylic! But only Olefin acrylic --aka "Orlon". The tragedy is that almost every awesome 50's beaded cardigan was made with this stuff. Shed a tear for me, if you want to! ; )

    ALSO ---if you have an allergic reaction to a medication, you are usually going to have a generalized response --itching all over, not in one spot or a rash over a large area or your breathing gets hard or your head gets congested.

    take care,


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  • Brett
    started a topic Atenolol and itching?

    Atenolol and itching?

    I've read that itchiness can be a side effect of atenolol. Given that, it can be difficult to differentiate between a "side effect" and an alergic reaction. The only med I'm on is atenolol; I've lately been very itchy, and I'm trying to determine if I'm experiencing a side effect or if I'm allergic, or if it's unrelated. (I take atenolol in the morning, and I experience itchiness in the middle of the night. It could be something else--new laundry detergent?)
    Any thoughts?

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