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Fear of flying and medication! Help!


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  • Fear of flying and medication! Help!

    I have a serious fear of flying and I'm going on a flight to see family in Spain this Friday. I've done the trip many times before but not in 10 years. I'm visiting with my general doctor tomorrow and my HCM specialist is currently not available. I want to be able to relax. I get panic attacks and I already take Zoloft for anti anxiety. I'm just scared to mix Xanex with my Zebeta. I don't know what is more appropriate for me. Please help if anyone knows. Thank you so much!

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    Re: Fear of flying and medication! Help!

    Please ask this question at your appointment tomorrow. You can also ask your pharmacist. Please remember to stay well hydrated on the flight. Try to sleep so you aren't exhausted when you arrive. Stress can increase HCM symptoms. But most importantly, once you get there, relax and enjoy your stay!
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      Re: Fear of flying and medication! Help!

      I know you don't have time to do this, but my daughter was absolutely petrified to fly. It frightened her so much, that she refused to get anywhere near a plane. She wanted to go to so many places, but the fear was overwhelming.

      When her brother died from HCM, everyone marveled at what a full life he led. If he wanted something, he bought it, if he wanted to go somewhere he went. She knew that if it was she who passed, the same thing couldn't be said of her and her life.

      Well, one day she found a school that gave a demo flying lesson for very little money. She got a friend and they took a lesson.

      Now she goes everywhere she can and doesn't worry about flying.

      Moral of the story--don't live with regrets...just LIVE!!!

      Good luck.
      Son died of cardiac shock second to HCM at age 36.
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        Re: Fear of flying and medication! Help!

        I don't have anything useful to say about the fear itself, but I want to second LindaSo's comment. Plane travel really dehydrates you, trans-Atlantic flights are long, and they never bring anywhere near enough water around. One suggestion: bring an empty, refillable water bottle with you -- there are a lot of 1-litre bottles for sale. You can fill that once you're inside the security area. Or buy several bottles of water inside the security area.

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          Re: Fear of flying and medication! Help!

          My tips for flying with HCM:
          Make sure your are well hydrated
          Eat something with lots of potasium prior to the flight - bananas are great.
          have something with some -not lots but some - salt.
          Keep drinking WATER on the flight - make sure you have a cup every 30 minutes or so - yes you will have to "P" a bit but it is worth it.
          Talk to your doc about meds for the anxiety - DO NOT TRY TO MEDICATED YOURSELF EVER FOR THIS -

          RELAX - bring something enjoyable to read, watch or listen to.

          Be happy that you will not fly next to the two 'freaks' I have found in my adventures...
          one girl sat next to me EATING HER HAIR.... I asked to have my seat moved and the staff agreed it was one of the strangest things they had ever seen...
          And then there was the man that had to clear his mucus every 10 minutes like clock work... my daughter was with me for that one...

          Sit back and ENJOY the flight and think of the fun you will have when you land!

          Best wishes,
          Knowledge is power ... Stay informed!
          YOU can make a difference - all you have to do is try!

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          Currently not obstructed
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            Re: Fear of flying and medication! Help!

            Lisa & I should share stories - I've got many. Regarding medicating yourself, please discuss with BOTH your doc & Pharm. Its important they are BOTH aware of all your taking.
            One red-eye to DC from LAX, my wife got something from her doc to "help". We both took them right before preflight & nothing, waited a bit & took another (per instructions mind you), Nothing. Ordered a drink - I passed out over somewhere over Cleveland. When I was forcible awakened, my tray was not in the upright & locked position. You know the round drink depressions in the tray? I had that impression on my forehead and a drool stain the size of a buick. Made quiet a impression on the relatives coming to pick us up!
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            After much research, I had a Myectomy @ Mayo for my 50th Birthday '08
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              Re: Fear of flying and medication! Help!

              Wow !
              Im really thankful for this post. I've always dreaded flying simply because I always feel like crap for a day. Looking back...I was dehydrated. Always afraid to drink too much on the plane because I hate to use the restroom. duh !



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                Re: Fear of flying and medication! Help!

                Yes, thank you for the post and the bananas and salt tip. Pre-myectomy I would have to stand on the bridge after deplaning so I could get my energy to walk into the terminal, now with the myectomy and EXTRA hydration, I feel "normal" and I marval everytime that I can walk like a normal person off the plane. And if I feel tired, now I know why.
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