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Going to Toronto


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  • Going to Toronto

    Hi, everyone:

    We finally have our appointments in Toronto scheduled, and we will be travelling to TO twice next week (Monday and Friday) for my hubby and all kids to be retested by the specialists. Echos times 5, stress tests times 3, pulmanary function tests times 3, holters times 5....it's going to be a busy couple of days. Our appointments are with two different doctors at two different hospitals. On Monday,while my husband is being seen at Toronto General, I will have 3 kids across the street at the Hospital for Sick Children for testing. Then on Friday our youngest will have her testing done and we will see the pc for the first time to get the results for all the kids.

    Olivia is not at all impressed with having to repeat these tests, but for her the real capper is that Monday is her birthday - not exactly the sort of celebration she had envisioned. The other kids are more enthusiastic about our "field trip"...a day off school is a day off school after all. We'll see how the enthusiasm holds up after wearing the holters for 48 hours. (Mary, with all 5 of them coming home with holters, I'm sure that I will be using your "holter hook-up guide" at least once or twice! Glad to hear that you're feeling better, btw.)

    Olivia was experiencing more palpitations this week, after several weeks without any. We have been encouraging her to be more active - nothing strenuous, just walking, etc - since she tends to be something of a couch potato. Is it possible for such low level activity to cause palpitations? This strikes me as a very naive question, but my learning curve is still pretty steep. I realize that I could just ask the Doctors next week, but often I find that those who live with HCM have better insights and answers. I know that my husband was experiencing palpitations in the winter which seemed to be activity related...he was trying the "Power of 10" weight regimine (and yes, I told him he shouldn't be lifting weights, but because the weight is minimal he thought it would be ok)...but his palpitations disappeared when he stopped using the weights. Incidently, the palpitations never occurred while he was doing the weights or even right after, but usually the following day.

    I will keep you posted on next week's developments.

    Take care,


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    Re: Going to Toronto


    I hope all goes well for you! You should have lots of fun with all those Holters.

    I find the same thing as your husband. I often experience arrhythmias, palpitations, and even chf after exertion rather than during it. And, yes, walking can definitely do it for me. Chest pain for me is more likely to occur at the time of exertion.

    An historical note: Can you believe it, my mother and all her sisters were in Toronto Hospital for Sick Children in 1911 and many times thereafter. They all survived childhood to tell the tale although my grandmother had to protest because the children with different communicable diseases were put together. My aunt was photographed and featured in the Toronto papers of the day being carried into the new hospital that was built in direct response to my grandmother's complaint. No I am not that ancient. My parents had my sister and I in their 40's.

    I'm rooting for good news for all your family!



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      Re: Going to Toronto

      Good luck Abby, I have been going to Toronto General for my HCM for over 30 years now.
      They manage to keep me kickin so I think you'll find the experience a good one.
      Stay well.
      Every great thing that has ever happened since the beginning of time has started as a single thought in someones mind.
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      Good luck and stay well.


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        Re: Going to Toronto

        Thank you both for your good wishes. Although I have great confidence in our local pc, it will be good to have the specialists take a look at everyone. The testing will be somewhat more extensive in Toronto, so hopefully we will know more when all is said and done.

        Rhoda - That is really interesting about your mom and grandmother at Sick Kids - does that indicate that you have Canadian blood flowing in your veins? Your grandmother must have been one determined lady to take on the government of the day and bring about such significant change (our hospitals are funded by our provincial governments, though this may have been different in her day I can't recall exactly when our current system came into effect, but i think it was early in the last century).

        I will be sure to post again at the end of next week when we have heard the results of all the tests.



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          Re: Going to Toronto

          Abby - Good luck on your trip. Let us all know how you make out!

          Best wishes,
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