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2nd OPINION is IN!!!!!


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  • 2nd OPINION is IN!!!!!

    Well......its been a few weeks since last post. So here is my quick update.
    I had all records from first Pediatric Cardio sent to a 2nd Pediatric cardio Dr. @ Louisiana State University Health Science Center ( Dr. Keel ). He did the 2nd echo on my girls himself. His conclusion was pretty close to the same as the 1st Dr. which was a mild thickening in the left ventrical on my 7 year old daughter was a 9-10.......he said after factoring in age ( 7 ) weight (98lbs), height ( 52") and body mass that this number was on the high normal side he showed me some kind of scale that put her in this range ( 7 - 10 being the normal range ). He also said she had good out flow and normal rythms...........so at this time he would not say she had HCM, and that she shouldn't be restricted from any activities, and that we shouldnt have a repeat Echo for 2 years! Also, her blood pressure was normal.

    Now tell me what ya'll think.........as they say the seed has been planted so HCM is and will be in the back of my mind! He did sya that it could show up at a later time, and the thickness showing up now is probably due to her being heavy for her age. He suggested weight loss and exercise for her.

    THe other daughter age 10 with the PDA was also checked again, and this problem was also confirmed. Nothing life threating and it can be fixed if we choose to.

    Ok.......waiting for replys!!
    New to HCM

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    Re: 2nd OPINION is IN!!!!!

    Well, I would get an echo every 12 months and that is what most specialists recommend for kids at risk for HCM since they grow fast!!!

    As for the rest, it is unlikely that thickening is due to being overweight, from what I know of HCM. But if she is almost adult size and she is still under adult normal for wall thickness, then I wouldn't worry too much but definitely get an echo without fail on a regular basis.

    Glad to hear other daughter is treatable, too.

    take care and keep us posted,



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      Re: 2nd OPINION is IN!!!!!

      OK, here is what I think. When my son was 4 he had a high end normal reading. He was a very active child and I was told not to limit him at that point. I did nothing different and now it's 4 and a half years later. He is still screening clear. Like Sarah said, get echos every year, not every 2. Then you will know what's going on. And if there are any symptoms, please feel free to call the doc for ore information.


      Husband has HCM.
      3 kids - ages 23, 21, & 19. All presently clear of HCM.