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I am so sad, lead failure results


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Srmartinson Dx in 1996, ICD in 4/2004, Battery recalled, 2nd ICD lead failure 3/31/07, rec. 26 inappro. shocks Find out more about Srmartinson
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  • I am so sad, lead failure results

    Some of you may know that I have unfortunately gone through a very rough time the past four years with six surgeries consisting of three ICDs and two lead extraction surgeries. I exprienced a lead failure on 3/31/07 at which time I received 26 inappropriate shocks and was in the ER at Stanford hospital for over 35 min before they turned off my device. . . .

    So now what I am so very sad about is that even though I have tons of medical bills, both mental and health issues subsequent to all the surgeries and shocks, I may not be able to recover anything as our Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of device companies over consumers stating that the consumer can not be reimbursed for expense since the FDA approved the device.

    I know that the bigger picture is to be happy that I am here with my husband and my two girls and to appreciate all the time we spend together. I am just so very sad for all the other people like myself who are undergoing many issues related to our expreince with the inappropriate shocks and leaf failtures. There are so many of you with increased anxiety about the lead failures and I am so very sorry that we are in the unique group together.

    Dx 1995 with non-obstructed HCM, verapamil 120mg
    2004, ICD, battery recall and migration x2 (3 surgeries)
    2007, 26 inappropriate shocks fr. Lead failure, two lead extraction surgeries...(total 8 surgeries in 4 years NO FUN)
    Since 2008, Living without ICD.......
    2011 First chest pains, frequent Began thinking about new ICD,,,,
    10-2014 I'm ready!

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    Re: I am so sad, lead failure results

    Hi Stephanie,
    I had 3 full shocks due to a lead failure, and 6 full shocks due to a programming error on a separate occasion. I can't even begin to imagine 26 shocks. I can't begin to imagine the anxiety that that must have created. My deepest empathy for you! I had no idea when I first got a defibrillator in 1995 what a two-edge sword it could be. I just got another defibrillator last week, but I certainly contemplated taking the chance of not getting another one. But with a wife and two children, I didn't feel I had an alternative. I hope your ICD troubles are over and that your financial situation improves.
    Best wishes, Blaine
    Diagnosed with HOCM in 1995, age 36. First AICD same year.
    2 myectomies at Cleveland Clinic, 2002, 2005 with Doctors Lever and Smedira.
    Grandfather died suddenly in his forties. Nephew diagnosed with HCM.


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      Re: I am so sad, lead failure results

      I am not a lawyer, but the FDA approves items based on their knowledge at the time. If a device/or leads break thereafter, and it can be proved that there was negligence (the challenge), then I really don't see the correlation between the FDA and you getting money back to correct what is wrong.

      I would get a separate legal opinion on this.

      On a side note, I asked my local cariologist for a magnet so I wouldn't have to deal w/the shocks and I was denied. He said that I would have no way to tell if it was real or a false alarm. He said for me not to worry because the paramedics would have the magnet and would turn off the ICD in minutes. I should send him your story!

      I am going to order a magnet on my own.