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ICDs and Theme Park Rides


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  • ICDs and Theme Park Rides

    With the impending necessity to have an ICD implanted, I have some concerns to bring up with regard to theme park rides.

    I know, from reading this board, that electromagnetic fields are detrimental to the device's functioning. I am planning a trip to Disneyland in October, and I wrote their Guest Services department about which rides use EM fields. I will post the response in a separate thread. They claim that guests and cast members are not in close proximity to the devices, and they are not aware of any issues.

    My main concern is rides that use over-the-shoulder harnesses, like on coasters that have loops. Given where the device is located in the body, are the harnesses a problem?

    -- T.
    Life is a banquet...and I got botulism! -- Me

    If time flies when you're having fun, will I age faster at Disneyland? -- Joel Perry

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    Re: ICDs and Theme Park Rides

    over the years since i had my AICD implanted i have been to six flags in jersey many times and enjoyed their most aggressive rides many times. the harness did not afect my implant site and i did not even feel it.


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      I'm unable to answer you about amusement rides, but I know that the seat belt shoulder strap annoys the area where my ICD is located.

      I don't know if it is against the law, but when I drive, I put the shoulder strap under my arm and make it loose.

      I'm certain you will get answers from people that go to amusement parks. I never really cared for them and only went when my kids were small and as a chaperone for kids that were in our high school band.


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        I worked at Disney World for about five years. Many of the rides are the same as here. There is only one I cannot ride. Rockin' Roller Coaster at MGM. It is propelled by magnets. But, they do not have that ride at Disney Land. Also, I don't know if you have been to WDW but if any of the Rides are like Universe of Energy. It is iffy. I have a friend who is a ride mechanic there and he said it should be safe because of the distance but you are still being moved along by magnets. I personally don't ride it ( not missing much anyhow).

        I love thrill rides and ride just about everyone that comes my way. The one coaster I did have a problem with though was Gwazi at Bush Gardens. The steep drops and climbs sent my BP out of control. I'm glad there was a short delay at the end because my BP dropped so low I almost passed out! Felt awful for the rest of the night. Glad it was my last ride. So, I tend to stay away from the wooden coasters.

        Just some thoughts from an EX-Amusement Park employee (thank goodness I escaped the mouse!)

        Mary S.


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          Originally posted by Toogoofy317
          Rockin' Roller Coaster at MGM. It is propelled by magnets. But, they do not have that ride at Disney Land. Also,
          Disney's California Adventure has California Screamin', which I don't think is as intense as Rockin' Roller. It does use electromagnetics for propulsion. As much as I like it (it's the smoothest coaster I've ever been on) my heart won't be broken if I can't ride it.

          I would, however, be upset if I can't ride Space Mountain, which is reopening very soon after a 2-year refurb.

          I should be more concerned with what I'll encounter at Universal. I'm tentatively planning to hit that park during my stay, as I've never been. Gotta ride that Mummy ride!
          Life is a banquet...and I got botulism! -- Me

          If time flies when you're having fun, will I age faster at Disneyland? -- Joel Perry


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            Got good news and Bad news.

            Good news you can ride space. Bad news If the Mummy is like the one in Orlando's Universal. SORRY! It is also pulled by magnets. Had my buddy check out that ride too! He's got friends there.

            Hate to Burst your bubble.

            Mary S.


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              You should bring this coaster affliction to the attention of your EP *before* the implantation--there may be something s/he can do (or avoid!) that helps you out with regard to the shoulder straps, etc.

              --Living life on the edge .. of a continent!
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