From Reuters. Don't why this is only being reported here now, probably just recently sentenced:

Doctor forgets to restart pacemaker, patient dies

May 20 (Reuters) - A Finnish doctor was fined after he forgot to restart his patient's pacemaker following a routine check- up and the man later died, a court official said.

The man went to see his doctor in the central Finnish town of Kuopio, some 380 km (236 miles) north of Helsinki, in September 2002.

But after the meeting the doctor forgot to turn on the pacemaker's heartbeat regulating mechanism, and the man died in August 2003 aged 43, the official said on Thursday, citing a Kuopio regional court decision from May 17.

The doctor, who called the oversight an accident, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and breach of duty, and fined 2,120 euros ($2,723).

Publish Date: May 20, 2005[/b]