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First Routine Interrogation


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  • First Routine Interrogation

    Hi all, first of all, thank you to all of you who post here; it really makes such a difference to all of us. About a month ago, after a severe dizzy spell and passing out, I was fitted with an ICD and diagnosed with Obstructed Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy... for years (since I was 14 they have been telling me I have a mitral valve prolapse and indigestion) Shortly after my implantation (10 days) I was minding my own business, not bothering anyone, and got zapped for no apparent reason. It turns out that my device was double counting. The Ep scheduled a NIPS study and reprogrammed my device (Medtronic Maximo 7278). Everything seems to be fine...with the device anyway (I still get tired and dizzy for no reason); however I have not gotten any unwarranted zaps ( I like that!). Since I have my first routine interrogation next week, I was wondering if there were any questions that I should ask. I have noticed on the site that some suggest asking for a copy of your interrogation. Are these readable to the common person; if not, how can I learn to read it? If it is of any benefit to know, I am a 33 yr. old male and my Defib is set to give me therapy at 220bpm
    Pace Bene,

    Diagnosed with HOCM 2003, ICD Implant on 3-3-05, Extended Myectomy with a Mitral Valve Plictation at St. Luke's in NY on 9-27-05

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    You can read some of the stuff on the readout but I'm sure the technician can go over it with you too. They look for things like recorded incidents, threshholds, and battery life when they do interrogations. With a new device you probably don't have much to "report" yet, but it never hurts to ask.


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      I asked for a print of the readout but I couldn't understand it. However, there was a summary at the end that listed the number of times I was paced out of an episode of VT and how often I had A-fib, etc. That I found useful. I have a Guidant.



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        The Medtronic printout ("Quick Look Report") contains some info on the setup parameters/trigger information. You can figure out (or have it explained to you) when the different modes of the device will "kick-in". The info Sue pointed out is very interesting to know, too.

        The tech who does the interrogation can print you a copy on the spot. I have a different model Medtronic Maximo, but I'm sure the printout is the same or very, very similar to what I've seen.

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