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Saw the ICD people


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  • Saw the ICD people

    So I was complaining about being brady the other day. Well, today I had an ICD check and it turns out I have been using my back up pacing. I have never done this before. Nonetheless, my doc suggested I wear an Event monitor for 30 days...

    I don't really get the point. I am supposed to hit a button when I feel something weird going on. The weird thing I have had going on has been the slow heart rate but technically that isn't weird. Many people live that low, my body just likes a quicker heart. I feel like I am wasting time.

    Nothing else changed. I am still the same as before but now I have to wear a stupid monitor. I hate monitors. For being a nurse, I am the BIGGEST whiner.


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    Re: Saw the ICD people

    Hi! Ginnilea,

    Please do not apologize for whining about wearing a monitor. I hate event monitors. WhenI am wearing one, I feel sort of like a kid on Battle of the Brains (the local high school show on local TV where the kids from different schools compete to be the first to answer difficult questions, in case you are not familiar with that particular sport) who thinks they may know the right answer, but isn't sure. If I push it and it is nothing, I will feel like a fool (or in this case a hypochondriac). If I don't push the button and it is something significant, then I have lost my big chance. One time I told a doctor that I hated event monitors and he seemed really surprised. To him it seemed obvious - feel something, push the button. For me it was not obvious. I have to analyze first to make sure that this really is something before I will push it. I will say that having had event monitors twice for a month each time, I am more relaxed about it now than I was. So, my advice would be .... push that button! Realistically, I realize that no one really cares but me if I get it right or not, so just go ahead and push it if you have any doubt. Catch the brady episodes and see if there is anything there other than the ICD.

    Regardless of whether you push it or not, remember that there are fellow whiners out there who hate event monitors.



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      Re: Saw the ICD people

      Use the event monitor and "hit the button" if you feel anything unusual. It will help the docs see what may be going on in your heart.

      Some with HCM have heart block that causes them to have a very slow rate - if this is the case an adjustment to your device will help.

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        Re: Saw the ICD people

        I used to hate the monitors-I have only worn the holter(24hr and 48hr), but I now have aloop recorder for 2 weeks and I hate it even more. For starters by the time I get the little gadget up to my chest and push the button, the episode has passed. How can this possible be of any use to me. It seems to me that I should be wearing the event monitor, and you the loop recorder.

        My problem is not brady, but crazy, weird and sometimes painful flips and flops in my chest which make me lightheaded and breathless sometimes. Today I had a really bad one that felt like my chest was fluttering and my head felt like it was going to explode. But they last only seconds-the loop recorder does nothing for me.
        Anyway, always press the button when unsure, hopefully they will find out what the problem is. Are you taking any meds? Atenolol kept my heart at a good pace(down from 140ish), but lately I am finding that it is keeping it a bit lower than usual and I can't figure out why. Anyhow, take care, and be a whiner all you want, this disease sucks-we all have a right to whine now and then.

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