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  • brady

    This morning I woke up for work and took a shower. After my shower I did not feel so well and I took my pulse. Turns out it was 54. I usually run 70-80. I was dizzy and had some nausea. I had to lay down and travel by squad to the Cleveland Clinic. They sent me home to rest for the weekend and told me to contact Dr. Lever on Monday. I have an ICD with back up pacing at 40 but I always expected I would be brady after a shock. Besides, I don't like to sit at home and wait for my pacer to kick in, it makes me nervous. I didn't recieve a shock that I know of and I never expected brady would be my problem. I am always too high. It really scared me.

    They did an echo and said my septum was 3cm. I was pretty sure my last echo said 2.5 after my myomectomy. I guess I am just scared and wanted to know if anyone else has experienced any of these problems.

    I sometimes feel I am very young to be having complications, I worry about my future. I just need some encouragment or to hear someone else has gone through this.

    The problem could be from my beta blocker but I have been on the same dose since surgery. I have exercising and dieting but all of my losses have been very gradual. I have lost 45 lbs since January. It equals out to about 2lbs a week. Well, I hope to hear from someone soon.

    Heart nurse by day, Heart Patient by night

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    Re: brady

    I'm sorry you had such a scare. If you have dropped a lot of weight, but they haven't changed your medication dose, you may just be taking too much for your new weight.

    They can also program your ICD higher, too.

    Hang in there and I'm sure you and Dr. Lever can make adjustments as needed. We all get scares from time to time but they work out.

    Good for you for losing weight!!!

    take care,



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      Re: brady

      Hi Ginniliea
      I too am afraid of my ICD. I am completely dependent on the pacemaker. Like I said in another post, I have never had any problems with my ICD or prior to having the ICD implant, the pacemaker. My doctor did reprogram my ICD and I feel a little better.
      I know how you feel about being too young. I felt that way when I received my pacemaker in 1997. I am now 51, I have a full time job and most of the time I have enough energy on the weekends to do laundry, iron and clean at least 2 rooms. My husband recently had a shoulder replacement and is unable to work until his muscles in that arm are stronger. He is limited to lifting and movement, but he does the laundry for me...what a big help!
      I find that I do get very tired in the afternoon (between 1-3) and need to relax and do absolutely nothing. After awhile, I am ok, but not as good as in the morning when I get up.
      Needless to say, this disease is very complicated. Sometimes I feel energetic, the next I just want to go back to bed and sleep. Unfortunately we can't pick the days to "be normal", so someway we learn to live with it and do what we can, when we can.
      I am so glad that you will be seeing your Dr. Please let us know what he had to say and how you are feeling.
      Good for you that you lost weight. I lost approximately 50 lbs when I lost my son. Keep up the good work!


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        Re: brady


        Not only is my ICD an ER 24/7, but I believe it has also increased the quality of my life. This is because I am very often in brady and before my ICD, I used to get light headed and even faint occasionally because of it. My heart even almost stopped completely once (cardiac arrest less than 20 bpm). But my ICD is set to a low limit of 60 bpm so it paces me approximately 90% of the time. I also found that this has improved my A-fib as well.

        So personally, I would fear not having my ICD.

        Take care. Matt