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Hey got a question


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  • Hey got a question

    Hey, after my ICD implant everything was going great, I was in the hospital for one night and then was released. I played a game of football the following week. As I said everything was fine and I had no pain.

    Just yesterday I was at my girlfriends house and her 13-year-old brother punched my chest where my ICD is. He hadn’t realized this until after he hit me, as I understand how difficult it would be to remember that someone has something different from everyone else and is not visible. His mom was about to yell at him but I said it wasn’t necessary. Anyways, since this occurrence whenever I touch my chest where the ICD is it hurts. Imp wondering if this is something I should be worried about. As the last time I went to see my doctor he had asked me if it hurts when he does this, (touch the area of my chest where the ICD is located), I said no and he said good.

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    Re: Hey got a question

    With my ICD it does tend to be the same. If I get hit kinda hard there it hurts like mad and is that way for a couple of days. But after that the pain tends to subside.

    How long ago was the AICD implanted. Mine has been a year and a half and this does still happen to me.

    Mary S.


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      Re: Hey got a question

      If the site is still sore in a couple of days you need to talk to your doctor. It's most likely that you have just gotten the area bruised and it will take a couple of days to quit being sore. One issue is just where he hit you. Is it possible that he hit where the lead connects? That might be an issue too. Just watch it for now.


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      3 kids - ages 23, 21, & 19. All presently clear of HCM.


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        Re: Hey got a question

        I have had many problems, or what i call problems with my ICD. From a nurse stand point I would recommend calling your doctor and telling him. Since your ICD is new the wires are sensitive and may move. Also ICD's are a high risk for infection. If the area swells up or has any drainage contact your doctor.

        I think my ICD was the worst part of my surgeries put together. My body just seems to hate the thing. I am always aware of the foreign object in my body. I had a lot of problems with muscle spasms after placement.

        I put up with all of it. I just call my ICD my "back up plan" Take care and good luck,

        Heart nurse by day, Heart Patient by night


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          Re: Hey got a question

          I agree with Ginnilia. I have had my ICD since 2000, but no problems as of now. I know I have a foreign object in my body and I'm scared to death that it will shock me. I use to exercise daily, exercise bike and physically, but I haven't since I had the ICD....I am afraid that if I overdo it, WHAM!!!
          I know it is silly for this mechanical device to overtake my actions, but the unknown is so scary.


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            Re: Hey got a question

            thanks for all the replies, if the area around my ICD still hurts by Thursday i will go and see my doctor about it. I also feel it in me and am very much aware of it being there although i dont live my life in fear. I wrote a little something jsut yesterday about fear.

            There are many things
            Things that can slow one down
            Yet one of these things
            Tremendously puts one down
            Within the essence of fear
            Harbors many tears
            A life lived with fear
            Can break one down to tears
            Yet one must learn to strive
            If one was to thrive of fear
            One would loose all they held dear
            One must steer in the right direction
            Smile and grow a mile
            People are taught to fear God
            And fear nothing else
            God has the power
            To turn the world we are living in
            Into oblivion
            This knowledge creates no greater fear
            Than the fear of God
            But what happens when one has no fear
            When one doesn’t fear God nor man
            Nor beast nor nature
            Not even a cataclysmic event
            A life without fear
            Will draw many near
            And great opportunity
            A life lived with fear
            Is not a life at all

            I played football one week after the implant and spent the day after my surgery with my girlfriend running around, we did watch a movie too, so that was my much needed rest. I did stop exercising for about a month after my surgery though as my doctor had informed me. Now i exercise daily and have gotten my heart rate up to an average of about 160 everytime ive worked out. I live by the ICD like this, If i excert myself too much i really have nothing to fear as the ICD will shock me. I'm actualy quite curious of how it will feel to me when i get shocked. You might call me crazy but the movie Fight Club was actualy an extremely good movie. People should live for the moment and not fear trying doing and being involved in new experiences. Some of the experiences portrayed in the film may have been a bit too extreme however they do surve their point. For example when they were driving down the highway they decided to crash the car, they were afraid at first but after the crash they realized that there was little to fear. They got out laughing as any human will do in a stressful moment yet they felt like they were reborn. The same way i felt after i got my ICD i felt as if i had been handed an extension to how long i am to live. Ever since I have turned my life around to a great amount. I use to write rap lyrics, now i write poetry; i didnt have a job, i now have a job; i didnt have a girlfriend now i have a girlfriend; i didnt do well in school, i ended my final year of school with great improvement; my relationships with girlfriends didnt last long, this one has lasted 3 and a half months and many more to come. And on and on i can go but i beleive i have made my point. Thanks again for the replies!


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              Re: Hey got a question

              The area around my ICD is not being bothersome any longer so I'm tip top for now! Thanks for all the help!


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                Re: Hey got a question

                Hi VonMende
                I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. Like I said before, I really have no problem with my ICD. Sometimes I don't even realize that I have it.
                I hope your problems with your ICD is in the past. Life can be a little brighter when you need not worry.


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