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kids records


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  • kids records

    Hi, I was thinking of the times people talk about reading in their records that the doctors did not tell them. I that light should I ask for my kids records and check the number myself year to year? I have not gotten a copy of their records. I just left it up to the doctors to tell me if something was wrong or has changed from the last Eco. I guess I was being a little naive about things.

    Thanks for listening to me. I am in a strang mood. I will be putting my boys on the plane to go see their grandparents in the morrning. They will be gone for 5 weeks. When they come back it will be time to get new ECOs before football starts. I miss them and they are not even gone yet.
    I don't know what I will do when it is time for them to go out on their own.

    Have a great weekend.
    Donna B. HCM & ICD. 2 sons with HCM. Brother passed away from HCM at the age of 39. Mother has HCM.

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    Re: kids records

    Hi! Donna,

    We are glad to listen. We all need a listening ear from time to time. How old are your boys now? I suspect that you have a number of years before you have to worry about their leaving for good. Meanwhile, enjoy them a lot and don't worry about the time when they leave. Also for the next five weeks do all the things that you long to do to relax and enjoy yourself. That way you can enjoy them even more when they get back.

    As far as requesting their records is concerned, I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't ask for them. I have also tended to trust the doctors on these things, but have been surprised lately since I asked for some records to bring here to see what I learned.

    Enjoy the break from your boys!



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      Re: kids records


      Another good reason for having a copy of the records is that sometimes hospitals send the file to special archives and it is hard to get copies when you move from hospital to hospital.
      You mentioned the boys play football. The doctors aloud this activites?
      Take care and enjoy!
      Wishes for healh, peace and love!

      Daniela E-H, Mother to Matan-Ben (13 years old) who had his AICD implantation (29/03/04) and Myectomy (14/12/08) and Noga (4 years old) not affected
      Haifa - Israel.


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        Re: kids records

        Thanks for your answers to my questions. And for letting me ramble. My boys are 16 and 11. I think I will get the house and their rooms clean when they are out of state. When I am not working one of my two jobs.
        The Doctors said football was ok. Their echos have been clear with no sings of HCM. If that changes I guess that will be the end of football, track and the wrestling. We will cross the bridge when and if that comes.
        Thank again for talking to me and helping me with my question and my melancholy mood. I am felling better today.
        Donna B. HCM & ICD. 2 sons with HCM. Brother passed away from HCM at the age of 39. Mother has HCM.


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