Hi all, interest to see who out there has had their ICD/PM ‘reburied’ or ‘relocated’? What was recovery like?

I am on my 2nd generator, replaced approx 3 years ago and have had a lot of discomfort, pain and now looks as if it is going to protrude through the skin... the first unit was never a problem which was placed sub pectoral, in which the replacement was meant to be but seems otherwise - can feel every single lump and bump and where the leads connect etc.

Anyways my question is who has had theirs relocated and how was your recovery? I am booked in for surgery in 2 days to have this done and am a little nervous as both previous surgeries we quite painful afterwards. I am guessing this one will be the same but am after some reassurance this should settle the issues and it can go unnoticeable again.