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Boston Scientific - Latitude Communicator - ethernet connection - Yay!


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  • Boston Scientific - Latitude Communicator - ethernet connection - Yay!

    After getting my ICD implanted in March 2015 I was kind of excited to find out that Boston Scientific had a remote monitoring device available that would work with my ICD (Boston Scientific Inogen EL #D142).
    When choosing between quarterly visits to the device clinic or annual visits if I had the remote monitoring device, the choice was easy.

    Unfortunately, most of the documentation online had very limited information regarding alternative connection possibilities. The standard connection is one that connects the Latitude to an analog phone line. Since I have FIOS at home, an analog connection was out of the question. Another option for the Latitude is to connect it to one of their mobile cell devices which (as far as I can tell) requires a separate data plan.

    The folks at the device clinic (Johns Hopkins) told me that they thought the device would also work if it could connect to the internet via an ethernet cable. I was a bit skeptic because NONE of the materials on the Boston Scientific website mention anything about being able to do that.
    Anyway, I just got the box in the mail today and am happy to say that, as far as I can tell, the device was able to interrogate my ICD and transfer the data successfully via my internet router to the Latitude network and healthcare provider. I will give the folks at the device clinic a call tomorrow just to make sure everything looks good on their end.

    I should point out that the standard Latitude box does NOT come with the required USB to Ethernet converter cable. This is something the folks at the device clinic sent me separately. One end of the cable plugs into the Latitude Communicator via USB and the other end plugs into any available ethernet port on your internet router.
    (The model of my Latitude Communicator is #6290.)

    Thought I'd share this info. Yay!

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    Re: Boston Scientific - Latitude Communicator - ethernet connection - Yay!

    Please let me know.
    That's great news. Where I live most of the summer we don't have a phone. Just cell and Internet.

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      Re: Boston Scientific - Latitude Communicator - ethernet connection - Yay!

      Just talked to the folks at the device clinic.
      Transmission was succesful!

      For those interested, the USB/ethernet converter I used is from Radicom (model: LUHM 200E).
      Here's what it looks like: http://www.radi.com/images/LUHM200E.jpg
      (Not pictured is the actual ethernet cable. Any ethernet cable should work.)


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        Re: Boston Scientific - Latitude Communicator - ethernet connection - Yay!

        Mine was literally plug and play, but the rep took a while to input my info. After a week it no longer said "please confirm patient is alive before proceeding."
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          I used Vonage to 'create' a land line from my internet connection. See the Vonage site for details. It worked well with the Boston scientific latitude device. As far as it's concerned it looks like a land line.
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          Septal/Apical Myectomy at Mayo, Nov 2012
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            I got a latitude box which came with another small box about the size of a deck of cards which transmits the data over the cell phone network. I don't need to connect it to any sim card or networknetwork.

            I got mine in Australia but have since moved to Canada and it works here too.