I also posted this in the General Forum, so this is a double post if you've already read it there. I just wasn't sure if some members only read this board and others that one or like me, both.

I saw my dr. on Wed. for the first time since Nov. They downloaded my PCD, and said I had had no episodes of a-fib and very few PAC's, PVC's, or SVT, which I was having a lot of before the implant and the change of meds, from Nadolol to Sotalol. So, I was a happy camper! He also told me I could come off my coumadin since I had had no more a-fib, and that I could tell if I was having it again and to get to the ER for blood thinner injections and to get started back on the coumadin. I'm praying that doesn't happen, but I'll deal with it if it does. For now, I'm so happy to be feeling back to normal! You don't realize how "normal" you feel until something like that happens! I don't have to go back for 6 mos. if I continue to do good! The oddest thing for me was my x-ray. That was the 1st one since my implant and it's weird to see that thing in there. I mean I know it's there, but it was kind of a shock to see it in there and see the leads. You could even see the writing on the device! Well, I hope everyone is doing well!

Heather, 30-HCM, PCD implanted 11-02