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RF Ablation done and I'm home


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  • RF Ablation done and I'm home

    Hey, I just wanted to give an update. I posted a month or so ago that I was considering getting a second RF ablation. Well, this past Monday I had it done. I think they got it this time. The first time they ablated they weren't able to get a spot near my AV node because they didn't want me to go into heart block. Well, I went into heart block last year anyway and they had to put a shiny new bi-v pacer/defibrillator in me. So, this time they said there was no worries in ablating that spot near my AV node that was causing me to go into SVT's all the time. Yesterday and the day before I was walking the halls of the hospital like a madman and got my heart rate up to around 120 bpm and it was all sinus and came back down gradually. The docs were all very happy about that. Prior to the ablation if I exercised like that I would invariably go into SVT and my heart rate would easily exceed 150bpm. So, it's good to be home now and back with the wife and kids. I'm looking forward to a spring/summer full of nice long -event free- walks, and good times playing with my kiddos. Hope all is well.

    On a side note. I wasn't sure where to put this post. I didn't see a forum for "Procedures" or anything like that. So I just stuck it in the same forum that I had put my last post. Under devices. Well, I guess to make this post relevant to the topic... here's an interesting note. When I was exercising and my heart rate increased, my pacer was only V-pacing (meaning my atrium was maintaining the rate of my heart like normal). However, when I stopped exercising, my pacer began to AV-pace me. Basically, my heart wanted to slow down quicker than my device wanted it to. The device thought that my heart should still keep beating fast and come back down a bit slower. Once I fully recovered the pacer then began just V-pacing me.
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    Re: RF Ablation done and I'm home

    Congrats Aaron. Enjoy your summer filled with long, uneventful walks.

    Diagnosed HCM & Bicuspid Aortic Valve 2006
    Diagnosed HOCM 2008
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      Re: RF Ablation done and I'm home

      I too had an ablation done last January 2008. Was the best decision my EP and I could have made. I was having way too many SVT episodes and then unfortunately some inappropriate shocks. Since my ablation all is well.
      I then had my 9 year old device replaced last September 2008 and he also put in a lead in the upper chambers. Now my device can distinguish when I am having an SVT episode should they ever return (knock on wood!!)



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        Re: RF Ablation done and I'm home

        Aaron - Glad you got this taken care of. Rest & Keep us informed for your recovery.
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